Performance Matters. 
That's why GDI Hour Meters are featured with unique qualities and functions. 

Professional Military Quality

All hour meters and gauges are constructed for military grade standards because they were once developed for the military. 
GDI produces now a civil version - but with the same standards and features.

Water Proof

All meters are absolut dust-, fresh-, and saltwater resistant. Therefore they are ideal for maritime areas, too. 
Pressure-Washer cleaning is possible. And they will even work under water - up to 20m. 

Flash Alert Service

The Flash Alert Service displays reminders for preventive maintenance. 
Choose from 3 Service Alerts with break in intervals, decide when to warn the customer, how often to display the alert, choose resettable or automatic service and more. 
Service alerts are count down intervals (run hours).  The LCD will show how many hours are left before the service is due.
With this feature you will never miss maintenance, again!

Shock proof

GDI Hour meters are extrem shock proof. The manage at least 55G and depending on the product up to 90G! 
That's why they withstand the harshest conditions, for example working areas of hydraulic hammers and other demolition tools!

High quality LCD display

High contrast LCD display is alway lit and is polarized to prevent discoloration from UV exposure.