TILS DG, Hybrid Telecom Generator

DC hybrid generator for telecom application

Product Features

The DC GENSET, is a -48Vdc power generator connected to an internal BATTERIES PACK perfect to feed power to Telecom sites. The system is designed to power the telecom site and charge the internal battery bank at the same time. Thanks to the ultimate control panel technology, hybrid generator is connected to the SOLAR power. The hybrid DC generator compared to a classic AC generator is able to optimize the performance in terms of fuel consumption and engine running hours. This means less operation expenses – OPEX and extended services intervals that allows the owner to cut the costs.

The TILS DG set is a fully integrated solution with:

  • DG set – Control and power panels
  • 1000 liters fuel tank
  • Battery bank inside the same canopy.

With this proposal you really have a plug and play machine, solving all the logistic issues,and reducing almost to zero all the potential assembling and connection problems. The batteries are LiFePO4 technology, that compared with traditional lead acid technology have:

  • More than double DOD (it means that a 300Ah LiFePO4 battery bank can replace a 600Ah OPzV system)
  • Longer life (more than 10 years) and higher number of cycles
  • Better efficiency: the Round Trip Efficiency is 98%, meanwhile with a lead acid battery it is lower than 90%
  • Absolutely shorter charging time (approx. 2 hours compared with minimum 4 hours), and floating is not necessary.
  • Each battery is coming with its BMS, perfect for troubleshooting and the battery voltage is 48V, quite unattactrive to thieves.

Further Information and Ordering

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