TILS DG, Hybrid Telecom Generator

DC hybrid generator for telecom application

Product Features

The TILS DG set is the result of a deep experience in Telecommunication market. Thousands of units that are running in the telecommunication market, confirms that this is the right product to manage an hybrid application for BTS. Compact dimensions and light weight reduce the logistical issues. The fact that Tils is a DC generator, makes the unit and the produced power unattractive to thieves.

Optimizing the engine working hours and cutting the fuel consumption, the TILS DG set offers an incredible reduction of the CAPEX, increasing the R.0.1. Moreover, the variable speed technology allows to reduce the noise increasing the engine life.

The Tils controller is the result of years of experience in the battery charging technology. With the Tils generator you will be able to properly charge any type of batteries, since the plenty of setting available.


• Designed for BTS

• Compact and light

• High efficiency DC generator

• Variable speed

• lncredible fuel saving

• langer service interval

• langer engine life

• Designed to increase the ROI

• Advanced remote monitoring systems


The only one DC HYBRID GENSET with:

  • 24 months of warranty auomatically detected by the controller from the real date of installation
  • “SMART HYBRID SOFTWARE” that manage all the system and adapts automatically the regolations. In case of alarm, in addition to send a message to the operator, this software find automatically the best solution to assure the function of the BTS.
  • “ONE BRAIN” that manage all the system and sources. With our controller it’s possible to have a remote control by APP/GSM, and under request (with 3G Router) a total supervision system on the fleat of generators with a small monthly fee



Further Information and Ordering

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