International Marketing & Distribution LLC (IMD LLC) is a business with a tried and true vision, to bring you the best available products for your business. Our products are high quality commodities for a demanding and competitive industry. We understand the needs of our customers; therefore, our sales and marketing departments visit our partner companies annually to help them understand our market’s needs and to help them focus on the right aspects of our industry. IMD LLC’s engineering staff works very closely with our partners engineering departments, this way we can integrate the newest product into our customers’ projects. The power generation industry is full of demanding OEM’s that value our focus on quality, state of the art technology and experience. Because we understand our customers’ needs and market, we work with them to adapt our products to their designs, offering subassemblies or adapting our designs, we work with them to optimize deliveries and inventory levels. In the end, our goal is to strengthen our customers’ position in their industries.

IMD LLC is the Exclusive distributor of Soga Energy Team, an Italian industrial group developing and manufacturing an exhaustive range of electric motors, alternators, rotating welders, and permanent magnet generators up to 2,600 kVA, made in Europe and known worldwide thanks to our brands.

We contribute our achievements to the success of OEMs in the most diverse markets and applications, by providing standard versions, custom-made executions, new special projects to create exclusive products.

All of this with a great, genuine passion. A wonderful adventure spanning over 50 years.

KWG, your partner for high-performance IP 54 sealed generators in industry, building, transportation and military. We offer brushless synchronous generators up to 100 kWA with increased protection class. The electronic generator control can be integrated in existing systems via CAN-port. Solely distributed in North America by IMD LLC.